Fireworks Enterprise Resource planning

We offer ERP Solutions to our clients for better management of their financial and humans resources and value to their business with Full Attractive Dashboard.

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ERP Business Inventories Solutions

Sale Management

Finance & Accounting

Purchase & Inventory


Features of ERP Management

  • Manage your costs with helpful procurement processes
  • Supercharge manufacturing processing from end to end
  • Get quality assistance for human resources, from onboarding to career management
  • Manage finances, from manufacturing, sales, customer relations, and more
  • Drive customer satisfaction with strong customer service

Scale Your Business

For Local Business

  • Accept Card and Cash.
  • Fully customize able menu with a friendly interface
  • keep receipt Online 

For Professional Business

  • Fully customize able menu with a friendly interface.
  • Provide yearly Report with graph Chart.
  • Complete attendance management system 

Fireworks Enterprise Resource planning Purpose

The ERP suite, originally a functional tool for entering and recording data, is changing, with increased emphasis on mobility, analytics and social. 


  • You will be able to add more value to your back-office as well as the sales teams and customer service departments.
  • We offer ERP solutions that will suit wile multitudes of business domains.
  • Speak to our experts to make complete use of the solutions that are on offer.
  • With the proper integration of technology, services, and human resources, you will be able to enjoy enhanced productivity which will help significantly in the overall growth of your business organization.
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