Fireworks Inventory Management

Fireworks web-based inventory management software automatically syncs a retailer’s inventory, orders, and sales across all channels, resulting in streamlined operational efficiencies and more strategic business decisions.

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Our Awesome Core Features

Business Contacts

Sales & Purchases


Financial Reports

Running out of stock is a thing of the past with our inventory software!

  Our real-time database makes inventory control a breeze

  Use REID, Bar-codes or QR Codes for inventory tracking

  Seamless inventory management with low stock alerts

  Use POs to replenish inventory instead of old-school spreadsheet updates

Scale Your Business

For Local Business

  • Accept Card and Cash.
  • Fully customize able menu with a friendly interface
  • keep receipt Online 

For Professional Business

  • Fully customize able menu with a friendly interface.
  • Provide yearly Report with graph Chart.
  • Complete attendance management system 

Some Features of Inventory control Software

This software enables businesses to automate their order and inventory management, and track deliveries. It is a suitable solution for eCommerce businesses of all kinds and sizes.  The vendor also offers suitable pricing packages for the needs of startups and small businesses with tight budgets. Some Features are…

  • Purchase Order
  • Billing
  • Stock Rises
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • Inventory In
  • Inventory Out
  • Attendance Management
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